Hi, I'm curt I am the Ceo of  Thrill For Threads

I enjoy making designs and bringing peoples creations to products throughout the brand. As a 

brand, we do as much as we can for the planet. The team is awesome go check them out.

Instagram @beardedurbex


Hi, I'm Stephanie I'm 26 from Newcastle and I’m a tattooed rock chick with a love for everything geeky! 
I absolutely love the company and everything we do here and what we stand for. The team are amazing and really good people to work alongside, we all just look for fun and enjoy what we are doing.
Instagram- @stephcarlylexo
Discount code - STEPH10


Hi im Daisymaydare I'm 32 from N Wales and I like to draw and a movie lover, im a lover of animals and nature walks and love abit of anything extreme just never get a chance to do it recently being a single mother of 2. Fibro warrior and all round fighter
Instagram - Daisymaydare
Discount code - DAISY10


Hi, I’m Phil I’m 34 years old, nightshift manger and clothes and art rep,
I Love working for thrillforthreads such an awesome team of people and the other brand reps are amazing too, the clothes are amazing quality and fit great aswell as quick delivery
Instagram @philsweirdsenseofdresscode
Discount code: Phil10


Sup! My names lee, golden age of 34 from Leeds UK. I'm a lover of all things 80s/90s. Movie lover and Gamer. Started collaborating with small business a couple of years back and I've met some awesome people along the way. So hyped to work with this Team and to spread the word for my bro and his dope merch.


Hey I'm Brad from Belgium. I am a local tattoo artist at Dark Side Ink (La Louvière). That enjoys creating new pieces and seeing my artwork everywhere I go for any enquires send me a message at @brad_le_laid_tattoo on instagram or on Facebook.


Hi! My name is Hayley, I'm 29 and I'm from Kent.
Thrill for Threads has awesome designs, quality products and most importantly for me they use environmentally-friendly processes and materials. I love the TFT Team, everyone is so supportive and talented!
Instagram - @rosemoon.xo
Discount code - MOON10


Hi i'm Dylan, I am 25 and from Hull. I love this brand and can't wait to see where it goes in the future. The team are lovely bunch of people who really care about what they're doing and putting into their clothes!
My Instagram-
Discount Code- DIL10


Hi! I’m Sarah. I’m 26 and I collect alt clothing and tattoos. This company is just so innovative and that’s what I love about it! Bringing designs that haven’t been done over and over, that people adore and want to see! And the team are always there for you, so it’s like a little family. Rare to find a company that really care about its people!
Instagram- rocknrollmama_x
Discount code- ROCK10


“hey I’m Louie, I’m 21 and I’m from Liverpool. I’m a photographer and metal vocalist and I’m hella hyped to be working with TFT insta - @thescouseviking “



Hey, I’m meg luan, a tattoo artist from Cheshire, Uk. I’ve been in the industry for 5 years. I enjoy doing black and grey tattooing, delicate designs and fine linework. Check out my Instagram! @megluantattoo


Hi! I’m Paige I’m 26 from Middlesbrough proud to be representing the TFT Brand!
TFT is an amazing team to be apart of everyone is so artist, talented and inspiring.
We have such a wide range of designs to suit everyone’s taste all inspired from the team creative minds and also every product is amazing quality too!
Instagram - @Paige_joe
Discount Code - THRILL10


Lee AKA Chester 31 year old skateboarder from northants UK. Stoked to be repping and part of the TFT family along with some of the chillest people in the UK 🤙🏻🙏🏻


Hey, I'm Dan and I'm a 35 year old barber from Cornwall. I'm so stoked to become apart of such an awesome brand and an amazing team! The designs and quality speak for themselves that is what encouraged me to pursue a position in this rad company. I enjoy spending time with my family, going for walks and being by the sea, but in my spare time I listen to heavy metal and get tattooed when I can..🤘


Hi, I'm Antony I'm 22 from Nottingham and i ride BMX for TFT. I absolutely love the company and everthing we do here and what we stand for. The team are amazing and really good people to work alongside, we all just look for fun and enjoy what we are doing.
Instagram- @antonyeggleshaw
Discount code - ADS10


Hi, I'm Joe 33 and from the proud Shire of York. In my time I've been a skater, musician, gamer and guitar designer/refurbisher. I've been working with TFT since the early days and love how the team has grown and the creativity each member brings.
Instagram - @joegarvs
Discount Code - garv10


Hey I’m Nicole and I’m 26 years old from Manchester! I write poetry based on mental health experiences, and I am the creator and owner of Occult Crafts, where I sell gothic/alternative jewellery and home accessories on Etsy. 🥀Delighted to be a part of the TFT team; it’s an amazing company with such lovely people! 🖤
Instagram: @nicoletallow
Discount code: Spook10 👻


Hi, I'm Louis, I am 22 from Bath, I am a Boxer and Blacksmith and am representing TFT in both🔥 been an ambassador for the company from the start the founder being my best mate 

I love seeing this company grow and succeed and will be a part of it until I die 🔥instagram @louisjamesrabbitts discount code ADS10


Our Ambassador Programme is a great opportunity to represent our brand!

 We have an exclusive Ambassador group where we welcome design suggestions, share ideas and upcoming products. A successful Ambassador will be given their own discount code which, when applied to a customer purchase, will give you a percentage of the sale.

 For more information message us today on any of our social media @thrillforthreads or by email